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Hip-Hop Artiste

Domenic Vitanza


"this is excellent..jimi would have loved this."

Fille souriante

Any Rebel

" whats funny is i think he might actually be better than hendrix..but hendrix was different cuz he was more of an explorer. stan seems to paint the pictures better but hendrix came up with the pictures."


Spud Cotton


"That's my uncle... Love you You Stan Skibby!!! You are the best outside of Jimi Hendrix, and many others!!! "

Portrait de l'homme d'âge mûr



""Thank you, for letting all of us who never got a chance to see Jimi live, experience his second coming......Jimi is pumping through your veins...."

Sourire Lasting

Brian Kinder 


" When God decided who was going to carry the torch for Jimi Hendrix he picked Stan Skibby and Randy Hansen so we all could have Jimi's spirit around us "living" for a real long time. Thank you, this is greatness."

Portrait d'un homme

D Whaley


" Why didn't they use Stan for the new Hendrix movie instead of Andre 3000.  Stan even has the mannerisms and can play the guitar.  Stan, get you a manager who pushes for that role before they finish shooting."



International Jimi Hendrix Festival Vienna 2011

International Jimi Hendrix Festival Vienna is a mission, its a duty. We dont try to copy a music icon like Jimi Hendrix, because we cant, nobody can. What we do is just became together under Jimi‘ s music universe -which he left us as a present-. And celebrate his wonderful music, in our memories.

This year Live on stage, StanSKIBBY


Cahors Blues Festival 2012


"Le Cahors Blues Festival créé en 1982, est le plus ancien festival de Blues en France.

Une ambiance populaire familiale et festive qui confère à Cahors une véritable ambiance blues des villes du Delta du Mississippi.


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