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 Sir StanSkibby             


"In The Name Of Hendrix"

Sir StanSkibby, Born and raised upon Chicago's south side (Home of Chicago's Electric Blues) is an American guitarist/singer/songwriter.

Having studied, listened to and did extensive research on the "guitar master" Jimi Hendrix's life, music, and death for 50 years, Sir Stan put a halt to his own personal music career to give tribute to the late great Jimi Hendrix. This Biography is "In The Name Of Hendrix"


Sir Stan's tribute officially started after he won (The Jimi Hendrix National Guitar Competition) in the USA in 1999 in Memphis Tennessee, his first international tour followed immediately in year 2000 in Europe, Wroclaw Poland. What an amazing music experience for Sir Stan, a completely different culture, language, and people. When Sir Stan did his live performances, it was always standing room only! Sir Stan seriously rocked Poland! they were shocked to see someone left-handed and upside down (as most people are shocked) singing and playing Hendrix songs, doing great solos! guitar and amplifier feedback tricks, playing with his teeth, behind the head, behind the back, splits, flips and showing the peace sign. Sir StanSkibby always give to the people exactly what he has learned as a guitarist and singer, from Jimi Hendrix's music. 

After touring throughout Poland for 8 or 9 consecutive years, Sir Stan was also performing regularly on Chicago's Blues scene! Performing at such great well-known venues such as; Buddy Guy Legend's, the Chicago Blues fest., hanging in the Kingston Mines, jamming open-mic jams at Blues Etc., performing in Blues on Halsted, The House of Blues, B.B. Kings Blues Club, and The Taste of Chicago. 

Sir Stan is a member of (Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation) in the old (Chess records) building located at; 2120 south Michigan Ave. Chicago Ill., (exactly where the electric blues was first recorded) as a Blues Artist/Musician, Shirley Dixon (daughter of Willie Dixon) personally singed Sir Stan up before her passing. R.I.P., Shirley Dixon, She was the president of the foundation during that time. Just to mention a few of the great blues musicians he has played with and met; Chuck Berry, Albert King, Hubert Summlin, Buddy Guy, Eddie (the chief) Clearwater, Lefty Dizz (the guitar wizz), Billy Branch, Phil Guy, John Primer, Carl Weathersby, Magic Slim, Otis Rush, Lonnie Brooks, Koko Taylor, Bonnie Rait, Biscuit Miller, Nellie "Tiger" Travis, and so many more. "It's best to know the blues if you want to play Jimi Hendrix's music good" 

Sir Stan knows this. 


By the year 2009, Sir Stan was touring France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Sweden, Copenhagen, Macedonia, Sicily, Serbia, and Switzerland. Sir Stan was invited to tour in the United States on the (Experience Hendrix Tour 2014) it was the most prestigious and super exciting tour he has ever encountered, Everything first-class, this tour lasted 5 weeks covering about 25 cities and states in the US, this tour is worldwide known as "The Concert Event Of The Year", 




Fortunately for Sir Stan, he met and played with Hendrix's drummer from the (Band Of Gypsy's) band, Buddy Miles, R.I.P., this was during the 1990s in Chicago. He has also met Hendrix's drummer from the (Jimi Hendrix Experience) band, Mitch Mitchell R.I.P., Sir Stan met Billy Cox in 1995 and has been playing with him on and off up until today, he has also jammed with Juma Sultan, the percussionist of Hendrix's "Woodstock 1969" band. Sir Stan and Hendrix's brother Leon Hendrix worked together at Poland's "largest guitar festival in the world"! they helped win the (World Book of Guinness) for most guitars being played at a festival all at once. Sir Stan helped win 3 out of 3 times on his own, an event that has been happening for about 15 consecutive years or more! 3 out of 3 is a perfect record for Sir Stan's participation in such a huge event "In The Name Of Hendrix" This is experience coming from Sir Stan's part, 


Sir Stan has had a fairly successful career giving tribute to his fallen hero, he is a true disciple and lifetime follower of Jimi Hendrix's music, philosophy, and outlook on life. This American artist/musician, up-side-down left-handed veteran virtuoso guitarist/singer, will make you see and hear the true power of Hendrix's "Electric Sky Church" music. Chicago's own Ralph Metcalfe calls him "The Guy, The Ghost & The Guitar"! others call him " Love Souldier"! a true bandleader who can play; bass, drums, lead and rhythm guitars, this all add to the understanding and giving a spectacular tribute to such a great artist-musician as Jimi Hendrix.


Special thanks to; Janie Hendrix for allowing Skibby to perform on (EH) tour 2014, thanks also to Uli Jon Roth and Michael Schenker for allowing StanSkibby to open for them on tour in France.


Also, big thanks to; Ralph Metcalfe, Toronzo Cannon, Leszek Cichonski, Luca Giordano, Michele Bobenrieth Winfield, David Kilho (music forever productions), Vasja Ivanovski, 

Tommy Boy productions, Walter Cerasani, Fulvio Feliciano, Christer Ostberg and Yidirim Fakilar, for believing and booking Sir StanSkibby in their countries.


All in all, Sir Stan is an urban, electric, Chicago blues/rock guitarist/vocalist, whom happens to give one of the best tributes in the world, to the late great Jimi Hendrix, 

this artist/musician is true, dedicated and committed to this tribute "In The Name Of Hendrix" Ladies and gentlemen, this is Hendrix's disciple!


We thank you for your interest in this exciting, explosive, and experienced artist-musician StanSkibby,

we are quite sure and confident that you will enjoy this experience with Sir StanSkibby and Band! we guarantee you will enjoy it, embrace it, and never forget it...


Sir StanSkibby "IS" Experienced,

"In The Name Of Hendrix"

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