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NIGHT OF THE GUITARS on tours / France

3 exceptional guitarists :

Influenced by classical music and by Jimmy Hendrix, the former member of Scorpion and leader of Electric Sun, Uli Jon Roth is a pioneer of hard rock and a guitar hero like no other. His current training remains faithful to the artistic approach that he never ceases to deepen.

In his Irish trio, guitarist/violinist Pat Mcmanus (ex Mama’s Boys/ Celtus) never ceases to amaze. The group offers one of the most attractive scenic performances of the moment.Come and discover or rediscover “The Professor”!

Friend of Jimi Hendrix’s brother, Stan Skibby pays tribute to the one who inspires and possesses him... In this exercise, he shared the scenes of the world with the greatest... including Uli Jon Roth.

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